We have some IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding the forthcoming tour.

Firstly, for those of you asking about the LEICESTER GIG – please note – this is definitely NOT HAPPENING despite some ticket outlets still selling tickets for it. We can only apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Secondly, news have reached us that the HOLMFIRTH GIG has been cancelled which we can now confirm &, it’s a decision that is out-of-our-control. We really are sorry about this.

And finally, for those asking about tickets for the WATER RATS, LONDON GIG – we are informed that it is SOLDOUT.

SEE YOU ALL ON THE ROAD in the coming weeks 😎

PS – A [live version] of BETTER SCREAM recorded @ o2 LIVERPOOL, JULY 2016 can be viewed on THE MIGHTY WAH! facebook page. Here’s SINFUL/HEREOS from that same show. Enjoy!


And finally…


Thank you for your patience, your support, your encouragement, your Pledges!
I hope you feel that it was worth the wait.
It could not have been made any other way, and certainly no faster.
It had to be right-and I think it is!
And it will bear repeated listening
And will stay with you for a lifetime.
Even I, having worked on it for so long, still find new things in it all the time.
I don’t think you’ll hear another record like
Pete Sounds! any time soon…

Particular thanks for working so long and hard on the mix to Anders Johnsen
And to Kate for starting the Pete Sounds! ball rolling with Pledge, and moreso with me.
And to Rich for the magnificent artwork!
My favourite cover ever.
And to Ms Cecelia at Pledge for all her help.
And to everyone who Pledged.
In fact to everyone who helped Pete Sounds!

There will a Pete Sounds! page
with lyrics and photos and stories and more extensive sleeve notes
And for your reviews/comments/memories of WAH! and me…

A virtual Pete Sounds! box set!
[Thanks Russ and Lis].

I’d prefer it if you didn’t share it
Cos it’s special and so are you…
But here it is.
Downloads now,
CDs and the outstanding Pledge items asap!
[Thanks Derek]
There are no plans as yet to release Pete Sounds!
Other than via this Pledgemusic project.
But we still might [Thanks Ronnie!]
So…It’s up to you.
But do tell all your friends!

Released for download at Seven Minutes To Midnight
On the anniversary of my near-fatal accident in 1991
And a day after the 35th anniversary of the release of The Story Of The Blues,
You will hear
Songs of love and soul and rock and roll
And hope and pain and
Life, I suppose…
And then some!