Pete Wylie/LIMF

Further to recent revelations about Liverpool Council’s decision to continue with the security contract with G4S, combined with their destructive stance on the city’s vital library service I am withdrawing my involvement from this year’s Liverpool International Music Festival.

I cannot condone or work with a Council that sees fit to engage with G4S, a company allegedly complicit in Israeli human rights abuses. The Council has been given an opportunity to make a positive stance and to end its association with the security company and no sufficient reason has been given not to take this opportunity.

As a musician and artist I absolutely condemn the proposed closures of 11 of Liverpool’s 18 libraries. This is a move that is in direct opposition to the ethos of a creative festival, and I cannot subscribe to the utter hyprocrisy that all is well and thriving in a city that sees fit to destroy the essential educational, social and cultural service that the libraries provide. Liverpool Council’s desire to show a positive public image conflicts absolutely with the policies it adopts at grass roots level, which show no regard for the actual fundamental needs of the city.

pete wylie